In Leeds, we work with people most at risk of HIV, including Black African communities, gay and bisexual men, Trans+ people, and people from wider BAME communities.

You can look after your sexual health by:

  • Always using a condom: the only contraception to protect you from STIs. Free condoms can be posted to BAME communities, trans people, sex workers, and men who have sex with men living in the Leeds area. Order your free condoms here.
  • Using PrEP:  PrEP is a medication that you can take to prevent HIV infection when taken correctly. Taking PrEP before having sex means that it blocks HIV if it gets into your body, stopping it from infecting you. Note: PrEP can be taken by anyone who is at risk of HIV. If you are interested in accessing PrEP contact us at leeds@mesmac.co.uk or call 0113 244 4209.
  • Making sure you have enough contraception: Check your supply of pills/rings/patches. If you’re running low, contact your GP or clinic as soon as possible to arrange more. If you need a new injection/implant/coil in the next few weeks, contact your GP or clinic for advice. You may be offered an alternative method such as the pill. Always use condoms if you run out of your normal method.
  • Don’t delay emergency contraception – you have up to 5 days after unprotected sex to get emergency contraception to prevent pregnancy. Sexual health pharmacies can offer it free without an appointment or prescription. Always call ahead to check if the pharmacist is available.
  • Speak to Leeds Sexual Health if you have STI symptoms – call 0113 392 0333 to speak to the team, or use their online chat (Mon - Fri 13:30 - 16:00), if you have unusual bleeding, burning, discharge or abdominal pain. Note that all attendances will be by appointment only.

Remember: Always ring ahead before going to any service and never attend if you have symptoms of COVID-19.