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Please use this form to order condoms to be delivered to you by post. Our condoms are posted out to you monthly and contain either 6, 12, or 18 condoms and optional sachets of lube.

We can only give condoms and lube to "most at risk" groups. Please check the eligibility criteria for your area. We cannot send condoms outside of the areas that we cover.

We check the legitimacy of all new orders. Where an order does not meet the criteria of our service, it will not be processed, and notification will not be sent of this. Please do not misuse this service as it costs the time and resources of a charitable organisation. Thank you. 

The information that you give on this form is confidential. This means that we will not give out details that identify you to anyone outside Yorkshire MESMAC unless you have agreed for us to do so or if there is serious or urgent danger to you or anyone else. Please see our confidentiality statement for more information.

Postal Condom Service is temporarily suspended.

Unfortunately due to an issue with Royal Mail collections, and the effect that this is having on our service processes, we need to temporarily suspend the postal condom service.

For the time being we will not be posting out any condoms, nor will we be accepting any new requests.

We hope to resolve this issue soon but apologise for the inconvenience.

If you have a query then please email postalcondoms@mesmac.co.uk

In the meantime if you need any free condoms then you can contact your nearest Yorkshire MESMAC branch – https://www.mesmac.co.uk/contact/contact-list

Or alternatively you can look at getting free condoms from your local GUM service


GUM Services

Leeds Sexual Health - https://www.leedssexualhealth.com/contraception

Conifer Sexual Health - https://conifersexhealth.co.uk/services/contraception/pages/condoms

Rotherham Sexual Health Services - https://www.therotherhamft.nhs.uk/services/sexual-health-services

Bradford GUM Services - https://www.locala.org.uk/services/sexual-health

Yorkshire MESMAC privacy statement

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