Think of this section as like gaining access to a Yorkshire MESMAC filing cabinet, only hopefully more tidy and better organised than many of the filing systems we have…

You can find downloadable copies of research commissioned by Yorkshire MESMAC, as well as other research documents in this section. These research and policy documents help inform the way we work.

Violence and Abuse

A summary of research findings related to same-sex domestic abuse.

What Can We Do for LGBQ Youth in North Yorkshire?

An assessment of service, needs and provision in the sub-region

Men and Boys- Selling Sex in the Bradford District

Drug and Alcohol Use

Drug and alcohol use among LGBT people in the city of Leeds

The MESMAC Guide 1994

An archived guide from the early years of MESMAC, and a chance to reflect upon HIV prevention work new and old.

Helping your organisation meet the sexual health needs of African MSM living in the UK.

Executive Summary



The Project



Assessing your Organisation

The A I I A Evaluation

The Toolkit




  1. Workshop Session Plan
  2. Workshop Scenarios
  3. Organisational Questionnaire
  4. African MSM Questionnaire
  5. Workshop Scenario Feedback
  6. Workshop Barriers and Challenges Exercise Feedback
  7. Focus Group Feedback
  8. A Bill of Sexual Rights
  9. Uganda Anti Homosexuality Bill 2009
  10. The Equality Act
  11. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  12. Anthony E Varona’s 2010 Report on the 2008 and 2009 American Election Campaigns, (including a section detailing how to “Engage, instead of Circumventing, Communities of Faith”)
  13. Church Leaders Training Sample Session Plan
  14. Example Posters Used in Faith Settings
  15. LGB&T Friendly Churches in the UK
  16. Sample Equal Opportunities Policy Statement
  17. Hate Crime Reporting
  18. Events that Promote Diversity include:
    Black History Month:
    LGBT History Month:
    UK Black Pride:
  19. Sample Confidentiality Policy
  20. Sharing Experiences Exercise
  21. GMFA’s The Sex Course
  22. Ice Breakers: an MSM Support Group in Manchester
  23. Accessing Services in Community Languages Leaflet
  24. African Voices: HIV Podcasts in African Community Languages

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