Interested in volunteering for Yorkshire MESMAC in Rotherham? Read on for all of the information you need to know.

Volunteers enhance many of our projects at Yorkshire MESMAC, and we are looking to expand some of these projects with further volunteer support.

We allocate roles on a first come, first served basis. For roles where there is a form, please fill in all of the sections. Once you have filled in the form, we will get back to you with more information or to arrange an induction session.

If you are interested in more casual volunteering at Yorkshire MESMAC, you can find information on and apply for our condom packing parties on this page. Alternatively, you can contact the Rotherham office directly on 01709 242202 or email rotherham@mesmac.co.uk

Yorkshire MESMAC supplies condoms and lube to bars, saunas and other venues across Yorkshire. If you’ve ever used one of our condom packs, you’ll know how useful they are! We organise regular condom packing parties so that we can continue to provide this service.

These events happen on a regular basis, usually weekly or fortnightly, and our existing volunteers enjoy being involved and giving something back. So far to date, more than 6 million condoms and lube have been packed and distributed. This is vital to all the projects within Yorkshire MESMAC and to many users across Yorkshire.

If you would like to volunteer for the condom packing parties at Yorkshire MESMAC, please click here. We will get back to you with opportunities and upcoming condom packing parties.

Community testing is carried out in Rotherham by Yorkshire MESMAC under the project name Testing Times. The service is an award winning high profile service within Yorkshire MESMAC and we are looking for keen and confident people who are interested in getting experience in outreach and health care.

The community testing service brings rapid HIV testing and screening for urethral chlamydia and gonorrhoea away from a clinic setting.

Please click here to see the Community Testing Volunteer role description.

If you are interested in applying to be a volunteer, please click here.

Aged 16-24? Join us as a youth volunteer.

We are looking for young people to volunteer with us at each outreach setting we visit, as well as office-based and social media volunteers.

If you would like to volunteer within your school, college or youth group, or just volunteer in your spare time, contact Harriet:

07561 422675


See what our current volunteers have to say!


I'm Vim, a wedding Celebrant and in my spare time the reason I volunteer is because I wish when I was in high school I'd had the opportunity to talk about my sexual health more and have someone explain contraception without judging me.

I think it's important to give our youth that safe space, which is why the college drop-in sessions are a pleasure to be a part of, as in my opinion your sexual health is just as important as your physical and mental wellbeing.


Volunteering for MESMAC has been a great experience for me. I supported Harriet, the Community Development Worker, with drop-in sessions, outreach, multi-agency engagement and more.

I've gained so much experience from my volunteering role, and it has helped me to find paid work in the Third sector working directly with vulnerable groups. While I'm not able to commit to volunteer work as much now as when I first started, I still feel welcome with the team at MESMAC.

Hi I'm Nikki and I'm one of the volunteers at MESMAC. I started volunteering at MESMAC as part of my course at university and have decided to continue after finishing the course.

During my current time volunteering I have learned a lot of interesting facts and had some wonderful experiences out in the community. Volunteering at MESMAC has helped me to develop as a person and the ability to talk with other people confidently.

As I volunteer I get to work alongside some wonderful staff members who are able to help me when I need it, and they helped make me comfortable with the whole atmosphere of sexual health when I first started volunteering here. I work a lot with Harriet and I am able to understand the role she plays in helping me to complete my course at university.

I am so grateful for the opportunity that all the staff have given me, and I look forward to seeing the difference we make in the future

Hi, I'm Poppy and I'm a creative writer for MESMAC. I started as a volunteer over a month ago and it has been an enjoyable and enriching experience! I have full control over the production of the monthly newsletter and it has developed my writing skills, my creativity and has given me the opportunity to meet so many amazing people. I always feel accepted and supported.

While being a full-time student, I have flexibility over when I come in to volunteer, and it has provided me with transferable skills for later education and employment. MESMAC is is an incredible place to volunteer and I'm so grateful for the opportunity.