Non-Binary Leeds Community run group

Non-Binary Leeds is a peer-led support and social group for non-binary people in Leeds and the surrounding areas. We provide practical and emotional support in a safer, friendly environment.

Our monthly sessions are a mix of free chats, conversations around specific topics. 

We have can offer support with a range of experiences from deed polls to dealing with banks and other organisations and also navigating non-binary and trans healthcare. We can offer informal support with these and more as well as being a support network of people with similar experiences.

We all remember wondering if we were 'non-binary enough' or 'trans enough' and those feelings are totally normal! Non-Binary Leeds is here for anyone who feels they are or might be non-binary. We are a mixture of ages and backgrounds, and we're not here to gatekeep - if you feel you are or might be non-binary then the space is yours.

For more information see our Facebook page or get in touch:



The building has a few steps at the entrance and a ramp can be provided for access.

We meet in the Main Meeting room. This room is upstairs and can be accessed by lift or by stairs. There is a sign on the door that says Main Meeting room.

The room is long and rectangular with large windows along the end. We sit in a circle of chairs with a coffee table in the middle with snack people sometimes bring along.

We provide label stickers and pens to write your name and pronouns on.

The toilets in the venue are for all genders and an accessible loo is available. 

When arriving at MESMAC there is a panel of buzzers next to the door. Press the one for Main Meeting room and someone will let you in. There will either be someone in the waiting area to greet you or someone will come down to meet you.

Members of the group vary in age range - the group is mainly mid-20s to mid-30s however we do have younger and older people who attend. Non-Binary Leeds welcomes all ages 18+.

Noise - The room has some background noise from the road. Windows are usually kept closed unless the room gets too warm then it is likely we will open them. The meeting itself doesn't get very loud and can be kept at a lower noise level if needed.

If you require any more information then please get in touch: