Chemsex Support - Forward Leeds

Chemsex means using drugs as part of your sex life.

If you want to speak to someone about your chems use, come for an informal chat at our drop in session every other Thursday from 12-5 at MESMAC, located in Leeds city centre. Email for details of the next drop in.

Generally it’s more common among gay and bi men, although chemsex is not the norm for most gay men in Britain. Typically three specific drugs (‘chems’) are involved: methamphetamine (crystal meth), mephedrone (Mcat, Meph), GHB and GBL (G, geebs or liquid ecstasy).

These drugs facilitate sustained arousal and induce feel-good emotions and a feeling of instant rapport with sexual partners. Sex that can last for hours, or even days. Some users report using them to manage negative feelings, such as a lack of confidence and self-esteem, or deal with worries about stigma around sexuality and HIV status.

Using illegal substances can have significant negative impacts on both your health and mental health but if you are intent on choosing to take illegal substances then following the advice in this resource may reduce potential harm or a fatality.