HIV & STI testing

We are a service in Hull offering HIV & STI testing for any Hull residents.

In Hull we offer a full sexual health screening including:

  • A rapid (1 minute) test for HIV and Syphilis
  • Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea screening (self-taken Vaginal swab or Urine sample).
  • Pregnancy testing (Urine sample) accurate from 4 weeks

If you would like to make an appointment then please call us on 01482 291190. You can also book appointments here.

Student Union, every Wednesday during term time 1-4pm

The Crossings: Last Thursday every month from 2-4pm (contact the Hull office for more details)

Terry Street: Every other Tuesday from 1:30pm (contact the Hull office for more details)

Strawberry Fields: Every other Tuesday from 4pm (contact the Hull office for more details)

Russel Street: First Tuesday every month at 3:30pm


14-16 College 12pm-1:30pm

Wilberforce College 12pm-2pm

Contraception Clinic @ MESMAC Hull 3-7pm


Hull College 10am-2pm


Kenworthy House 1-4pm

Hull Uni 1-4pm


Wyke College 10am-2pm

Goodwin Youth Hub (first Friday of the month) 3pm-6pm


Young people's drop-in @ MESMAC Hull 12-4pm

Second Friday of the month 12pm-2pm

Find us there at 3pm - 5pm on the following dates:

Wed 13th December 2023

Wed 3rd Jan 2024

Wed 17th Jan 2024

Wed 31st Jan 2024

Wed 14th Feb 2024

Wed 28th Feb 2024

Wed 13th March 2024

Wed 27th March 2024

If you live outside of Hull (HU1-HU9) please go to for information on accessing a Sexual Health Screening.

If you would like to receive a free testing kit please click here where you can request a kit to be sent to your home.

Please be aware that test kits can take up to 7 days to arrive once ordered & results can also take up to 2 weeks once posted back.

Click here to book an appointment

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