Meet the team

Meet the Bradford team

Wellington Moyo - Local Services Coordinator

I have worked for Yorkshire MESMAC since 2007. I have worked with individuals and communities that are most at risk of HIV, doing prevention and social support. I have also coordinated national  HIV prevention programmes which include Testing Faith and Welcome Hear targeting faith leaders and newly arrivals respectively. I have vast experience of delivering  training to various community groups which includes medical professionals, and have delivered presentations on national conferences which include HPE, CHIVA and NHVNA. I have passion for people and I try to make everything possible to help others have better lives.

Pronouns: he/him

M: 07872 398 573



Jonathan Cookson - Community Development Worker

After studying for a degree in community education I began my career working in communities, ranging from young offenders to young children and families. I started working for MESMAC in 2006 and immediately loved the challenge and privilege of working with both LGBT communities and HIV+ communities. I feel lucky to be able to support people to achieve positive changes in their lives around their sexual, mental and physical health and take great satisfaction from seeing individuals and groups grow stronger and more resilient. I really enjoy my role at MESMAC because no two days are ever the same and I get to meet such wonderful and interesting people. If you think we can help in anyway please get in touch, we look forward to meeting you!

M: 07810 550 534


Ryan Walsh - Community Development Worker HIV Prevention, Support and Skills Development

I’m Ryan one of the Community Development Workers in Bradford. I work on the Older LGBT+ Adults Project and the core Bradford contract for HIV Prevention, Support and Skills Development. I have been employed at Yorkshire MESMAC since April 2019 and have enjoyed spending time in a workplace and around people who are compassionate about their work, and as a queer man, working with the wider LGBT+ community. I have previously volunteered for Yorkshire MESMAC across a variety of projects such as West Yorkshire Queer Stories, BLAGY – Bradford Youth Group and HIV Prevention Outreach. The thing I enjoy most about my roles at Yorkshire MESMAC is the focus on empowering people to take action and create sustainability in services that are vital to our communities

M: 07709 673 780 


Christine Blessing - Counselling Coordinator

Having worked therapeutically in a variety of settings I have been in role with Yorkshire MESMAC for approximately 7 years.  I am a passionate ally for the communities we support and believe in promoting positive wellbeing through the sharing of self-help tools and techniques and our lived experiences.  I aim to empower and help facilitate peoples own ability to build their emotional resilience and manage/maintain their mental health.  

Pronouns: She/Her 

M: 07771 931 327 


Rosie Ellingham - Training and Comms Coordinator / Community Development Worker

I have volunteered or worked for Yorkshire MESMAC for around 8yrs now, and my main background is supporting LGBT+ people to thrive, and working with schools and organisations to create safe and inclusive environments for LGBT+ people to thrive and be themselves in. I believe in representation for marginalised communities matter, and I hope I manage to help improve this through the work I do.

M: 07551 152 665 


Daisy Dooks - Digital Engagement Worker

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