1-2-1 support

Our Community Development Workerds provide 1-2-1 support for those times when you feel like you need to talk to someone in a safe, confidential and supportive environment.

Who we support in Bradford

We offer support services to:

LGBTQ+ Youth - We run a weekly youth group for 14 - 25 yrs called BLAGY and we offer 1-2-1 support referrals and signposting.

African Communities- Information for African communities is offered in various African languages and support offered in a culturally appropriate way. 

Faith Communities- We work with faith organisations on how to support fellow congregants living with and affected by HIV. We can also offer training and workshops on preventing and understanding HIV to all religious communities. 

Commercial Sex Workers- We are working in partnership with the Lotus Project to offer sexual health support to sex workers from all backgrounds, genders and sexual orientations

Men who have Sex with Men- We work with a range of men engaging in sex with men, regardless of how you identify your sexual orientation. 

We offer confidential and non-judgemental support to anyone needing to talk about their sexual and/or mental health. 

How we work

You can visit our office in a central location, or alternatively we can visit you in schools, colleges, cafes etc. within the Bradford District.

We can discuss a broad variety of issues including:

  • Risk taking behaviours 
  • Coming out
  • New HIV diagnoses
  • Sexual health concerns
  • Chemsex
  • Selling/trading sex

Being able to talk to our Community Development Workers has been a great help to service users at times of distress and upheaval.

You or the community development worker might feel like you would benefit from accessing formal counselling. We may be able to refer you on for free counselling sessions with our trained counsellors. 

Feel like you would benefit from 1-2-1 support?

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