Wakefield HIV Prevention and Support Services
posted by Jamie Simmons
on 27th September 2021

After over 25 years of service delivery, working alongside communities across the district. Yorkshire MESMAC will be closing its Wakefield service on 30th September 2021.

From the 1st October 2021, HIV services will be delivered in Wakefield by Spectrum/BHA. Further information about the new service can be found at:

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us and our work over the years, especially our volunteers,  you have helped us deliver fantastic services and support communities.  Over 25+ years we have supported, learnt from and empowered hundreds of people living with HIV.  It has been a pleasure and an honour to work with each and every one, thank you for allowing us into your life, thank you for sharing your wisdom, your stories, your tears, smiles, laughter and strength.   

In the final two years before COVID-19, our HIV prevention services were firing on all cylinders.  In those two years alone we:

  • delivered 1,148 HIV tests,
  • distributed 51,186 condoms,
  • and delivered over 100 workshops and peer support groups for the communities it was our pleasure to work with.

It is impossible to know how many HIV diagnoses we prevented but we can be sure that we made our mark on the self-esteem, self-confidence, health, and wellbeing of many of those we worked with along the way.  We know this because of the feedback we received and that so many chose to remain involved and in contact.

We would like to wish the communities of Wakefield all the best moving forward. We wish the new service the best of luck and hope that we can all, services and individuals alike, find the necessary collective will to bring the HIV epidemic to an end.