Snap Map: A Guide to Staying Safe
posted by Jess Wynn
on 05th July 2017

Snapchat have added a super creepy new feature called Snap Map. It means that, depending on your settings, any of your Snapchat friends could see exactly where you are. Here's are guide to staying safe.

Snap Map is a new feature on Snapchat. It puts your Snapchat avatar on a world map to show where you are. You can zoom into the map to see a person’s exact location. 

  • Go to your camera screen
  • Zoom out using two fingers
  • The Snap Map screen is launched

Ghost mode- No one else can see your location

My friends- All of your contacts on Snapchat can see your location

Select friends- You can look through your friends list and decide who can see your location

When you first open Snap Map, you can decide who can see your location. If you change your mind, you can alter this on your Snapchat settings. Click on the cog icon, click on “see my location” and choose the setting which suits you. You can also change this on the Snap Map itself by clicking on the cog in the right hand corner of the screen. 

  1. Only share your whereabouts with people that you know in person
  2. Don’t add someone on Snapchat if you don’t know them in person
  3. If you’re on the app and you are somewhere that you don’t want to share with other people, turn ghost mode on. We recommend that you always have ghost mode on when you’re at home

Snap Map: A Guide to Staying Safe

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