PrEP 4 Women Video
posted by Erin Marsh
on 19th June 2024

We're excited to share this video, co-produced with local women, exploring the benefits of PrEP and how it can be accessed.

PrEP is our latest and most effective tool in preventing HIV - and it's available for free through the NHS regardless of your immigration status.

Using PrEP doesn't need negotiation with a partner, so it's a fantastic option for people who can't or don't use condoms. It's a simple way to provide peace of mind while protecting your health.

Find out more on our page on PrEP.

We can provide PrEP referrals in Bradford, Hull, Leeds and Rotherham:

We can prescribe PrEP at our monthly clinic with Local Sexual Health. Give us a ring to book an appointment:


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