Orlando attack
posted by Tom Doyle
on 13th June 2016

Yorkshire MESMAC volunteers, trustees and staff are horrified, saddened and angered at the murder and injury in Orlando.

Tom Doyle, Yorkshire MESMAC Chief Executive said, ‘Our thoughts at this time are with those whose hearts are broken, we feel their loss and we stand with them in their time of grief. The attack on the LGB&T community in Orlando is an attack on every LGB&T person. It is an attack on every gay bar, every queer event and every safe space we have created. The disgusting maiming and taking of life is as senseless as it is futile, history tells us that the LGB&T community does not crumble in the face of adversity, we fight back, we use our strength, creativity and passion to build a stronger movement, with a louder voice demanding equality for all.’

There will be a series of events all across Yorkshire demonstrating our solidarity with the people from Orlando. Check with your local community for more details.