MESMAC's statement on Liz Truss MP's evidence to Women and Equalities Select Committee.
posted by Rosie Ellingham
on 01st May 2020

On the 22nd April Liz Truss, the Minister for Women and Equalities set out her priorities in this role. Of the three priorities, her words on the Gender Recognition Act were of particular concern to us. 

We are particularly concerned in regards to her views on supporting Trans young people. We know through our work with numerous Trans, Non-binary and gender non-conforming young people, that listening to, working with and supporting their identity is what helps them to strive and gives them the ability to live their best lives.

We already see how difficult being a young trans person can be, the transphobia they face, whether from family, friends, or wider society, can result poor mental health outcomes, self-harm and suicide. Taking away vital support lines for these young people will have nothing but a detrimental impact on Trans rights in the UK, and is likely to cause even greater harm to this already marginalised group. 
We continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with, and defend the human rights of our trans community.