In response to the BBC ban on staff attending Pride events.
posted by Rosie Ellingham
on 30th October 2020

A message from our CEO: 

"As an organisation that has helped establish, and supports, many LGBT+ Prides across Yorkshire, MESMAC are saddened and by the proposed, unfair, unworkable and potentially unlawful ban on staff attending LGBT Pride events. We are sad for the many LGBT+ BBC staff who have enjoyed working for what they thought was an inclusive organisation, who are now likely feeling under attack, sad for those BBC LGBT+ staff who have volunteered to help run LGBT Prides, including presenters, who have hosted stages at Prides across Yorkshire will no longer feel able to celebrate publicly our LGBT+ communities. Being LGBT+, or supporting LGBT+ rights is not, and should not be seen as, political or controversial, and those wanting to attend should not have to seek permission from their employers. We urge to BBC to reconsider the proposed ban."