Hull's new service!
posted by Rosie Ellingham
on 11th April 2019

Yorkshire MESMAC is proud to announce the commencement of Hull’s remodelled Sexual Health Promotion Service. This service is open to all with specific targeted work aimed at young people, BAME people, gay, bi and other men who have sex with men, and commercial sex workers.

The service will provide:

  • Sexual health promotion, messaging and campaigning
  • Free condom and lube distribution
  • 1:1 advice and guidance
  • Sexual health screening and testing
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Referral for emergency contraception and clinical services
  • Group work
  • Training for professionals
  • Support for schools to deliver RSE
  • An integrated CSE provision is being provided by our partners Basis Yorkshire.

Our service has a high level of outreach with drop in locations throughout the city embedded within community locations. Locations and times will increase with the development of the service. 

Yorkshire MEMSAC looks forward to building on our achievements in Hull to bring this exciting new service to those who need it most.

Please keep an eye out on our social media streams for more information: