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We have a new booking system!

Please click here to go to our new booking system to book your test.
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COVID-19 UPDATE: We are now offering face to face sexual health testing. Pre-booked appointments only.

What to expect when booking and attending your test:

  • ALL tests must be booked online.
  • A pre-test screening will be held over the phone before you are invited to the office (please use a number you are happy for us to call you on)
  • Please wear a face covering when in our buildings (we can provide these for you if you haven’t got one).
  • Please arrive to your appointment on time and do not bring others into the building. There will be no waiting rooms available.
  • If you are struggling to book an appointment, many people can book a home testing kit from one of the following links: or 
  • Any other 1-2-1/group support will continue over the phone/online.