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Use this page to book an appointment online.

If you are booking a test in York, North Yorkshire or Leeds, please click here!

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For our drop-in session times throughout our areas, please click here. If you wish to attend a drop-in session, you do not need to book an appointment. Just come along and wait to be seen. 

If you wish to cancel your appointment, please contact the Yorkshire MESMAC office that you originally booked with.

If you are booking a test in Bradford, please note that we are currently only able to offer HIV and syphilis tests. If you are wanting an STI screen in Bradford, please contact Locala for an appointment. 

Don't worry if your area shows "0 appointments available", it is likely that you will still be able to get a test. You can either pop in to one of our drop-in sessions (you don't need an appointment to do this), or you can contact your local office for more information.

Bradford and York & North Yorkshire: There is a 20 minute wait for results and the test can tell you what your HIV status was 12 weeks ago.

Rotherham, Hull & Wakefield: HIV/Syphilis results come back in 1 minute and can tell you whether you had HIV or Syphilis 12 weeks ago.  It is strongly recommended to test 12 weeks after your last sexual act (oral, anal & vaginal) so the tests will give you a definitive result. You are more than welcome to test within the 12 week window period but the result will only be accurate after 12 weeks.

Leeds: HIV result come back in 5 minutes and the test will tell you your HIV status as of 12 weeks ago