PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis) is medication that you can take if you think you have been exposed to HIV. You need to start the treatment within 72 hours of the possible infection. The sooner you start, the more effective it is.

PEP can only offer some protection and it can’t be guaranteed that it will prevent you from becoming HIV positive. PEP does not protect you from any other sexually transmitted diseases.

Do I need PEP?

If it is possible that you have been exposed to HIV by having unprotected sex (vaginal or anal) or sharing injecting equipment, it is really important that you speak to a doctor, nurse or sexual health worker to get more information.

How can I get PEP?

You can get PEP from your local sexual health clinic or Accident & Emergency department. You will not need an appointment and they will try to see you as soon as possible as every hour counts.

If it is an evening or a weekend, or you can’t go to your nearest sexual health clinic, please go to your nearest Accident & Emergency department. Not all of these departments will be aware of PEP, so it’s important that you take some information with you. You can print off this page by clicking the printer icon to the right or take this page with you on your mobile device.

PEP is not available from your GP or any pharmacies.

Also, remember to take a look at ways to prevent HIV and get regular HIV tests.

Yorkshire MESMAC can’t provide PEP, but if you would like any 1-2-1 support please contact us.

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