Drugs and Alcohol

We're working with Forward Leeds to support our community with drug and alcohol use

If you are waking up unsure about the night before, you can have an informal chat about how your drinking/drug taking could be safer.

If you want to know how your drinking/drug taking matches up to the rest of the UK, just pop in and ask.

Worried about a friend? We can chat about what is happening and how you/we could help.

If you are finding your weekends are lasting into the week, we can look at how you can get things back under control

Want to access Forward Leeds but not sure yet? You can have an informal chat with someone to talk it through before accessing the service in full.

The drop-in happens on the second Thursday of every month at our Leeds office from 2-5pm.

Contact Forward Leeds or drop us a line on 01924 488 725 for more information.

Forward Leeds have created a handy guide to know which drugs react badly when taken together.

Click here to view the full image

This page is still under development - check back in future for more updates.