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BLAST Resources to Use with Boys and Young Men (To Purchase)

What is it?
An A6 card which folds in two and highlights that boys can get groomed too and what the warning signs are. This resource also contains details of the various ways boys can contact The BLAST Project and of our REPORT IT NOW service.

How Much is it?
Free to print from this website or £6 for quantities of fifteen.  

Things to Remember
When printing this resource please make sure that you printer settings are set  correctly. 

How do I get it?
Click here or complete the order form on this section of the website for hard copies.

What is it?
A pocket sized leaflet for boys/young men which provides information on grooming and sexual exploitation, and how this can affect boys, not just girls. The leaflet includes:

  • Definitions of grooming and sexual exploitation
  • Examples of sexual exploitation
  • Warning Signs
  • Myths
  • Why Boys Don't Report
  • Safety Tips
  • Are YOU at Risk?
  • Contact Details

How Much is it?
Free to print from this website or £6 for quantities of ten.

Things to Remember
When printing this leaflet please make sure that the paper you are using is A3 and that you print on both sides. This is to ensure the text can be read.

How do I get it?
Print from the "Posters and leaflets" section or complete the order form on this section of the website for hard copies.

What is it?
This resource highlights male CSE and includes a DVD containing three short films addressing some hard hitting issues and includes some scenes that some young people may find uncomfortable to watch. This is to provide a true picture of sexual exploitation ensuring that the message is memorable and powerful. The short films are based on real life stories experienced by boys/young men who accessed support from the BLAST Project.

Ryan’s story - contains drug and alcohol use, mild violence, mild swearing, undressing, older males unbuckling their belts, and scenes which imply sexual abuse and exploitation which some people may find uncomfortable to watch.

Harry’s story - contains alcohol use, mild homophobic abuse and scenes which imply sexual abuse and exploitation which some people may find uncomfortable to watch.

Callum’s story - contains alcohol use, mild to moderate violence, mild swearing, undressing, an older male unbuckling his belt and scenes which imply sexual abuse and exploitation which some people may find uncomfortable to watch.

How Much is it?
The THINK AGAIN Resource Pack and DVD costs £200.00. This includes:

  • A USB stick containing
    • A 149-page resource pack with various activities
    • PowerPoint to use with activities
    • Jack and Jim PowerPoint slides
  • A DVD containing three 15 minute films

To see a short preview of the THINK AGAIN DVD please click here.

Things to Remember
Please note: Once the order has been received the THINK AGAIN pack and DVD will be dispatched via first class recorded delivery to the address specified on the order form. Please note this may take up to ten working days from the point of the order being received.

How do I get it?
Complete the order form on this section of the website.

"This is a much needed resource, helping to raise awareness in Shropshire of the hidden crime of sexual exploitation of boys and young men".
Donna Chapman SSCB Inter-agency Training Co-ordinator, Shropshire

"Fantastic to have something that hits home how much we need to look out for our boys".
Helen, CEO Link to Change, Cambridgeshire

"I showed the resource to a young male who was building up debts with a drug dealer and he began to engage with our project and accept help".
Berin, outreach worker Link to Change, Cambridgeshire

"This is a unique resource to support work with young people around sexual exploitation and explodes the myth that this only happens to girls and young women, making it possible for boys and young men to come forward and talk about their experiences".
Judith Green, Outreach Team Manager, Young People’s Contraception and Sexual Health Services, Nottingham

"Fantastic resource! For each story, I immediately thought of individuals I support and how appropriate and relevant the story lines were for their personal situations".
Stephanie Gulliford, CSE Project Worker, Safe Hands Calderdale, The Children's Society

"I am very impressed by the DVD and the resources etc and think that lots of the content will be really useful. As a young mens worker I feel that it is important to look at the way young men engage with services and workers and thought that the ‘ introduce yourself’ resources really reflect accurately how to work with young men in a positive way. I genuinely wanted to share my enthusiasm for the package as I think it must have taken a lot of effort to produce a resource that is of such a high standard".
John Wright, Young Men's Worker, Barnardo's Miss U and U Turn Service, Southampton and Portsmouth

"The DVD has been viewed very favourably and has had a significant impact on how the boys now view their own safety".
Margaret E Brown, Assistant Director, The New Futures Project

"After the training from Isis and the BLAST project, we planned lessons to raise awareness of CSE across key stage 4. This has had a positive impact and empowered students to think carefully before making choices. We couldn’t have delivered these sessions so successfully without the excellent dvds, Sick Party and Think Again (Ryans story and Callums). They are amazing resources which created lots of debates from the students. Think again was particularly good as it challenged students that thought CSE only happened to girls".
Miss Tina Convy, Year 10+11 Achievement Coach, Allerton High School, Leeds

"We have just purchased your THINK AGAIN resource package and just wanted to say that it is absolutely amazing, not just in the respect that it is specific to boys and young men but the overall quality and originality of the DVD's and activities. The activities are very original, extremely effective and challenges stereotypes. It was also really good to see that young people recruiting other young people for sexual exploitation and female perpetrators were brought up in the DVD scenario's. Overall, I would say it is at the very top of the list of resources to use with young people and professionals to raise awareness of the issue of exploitation. Also, it is well worth the money especially in regards to the quantity and quality of resources included and therefore it is very reasonable. Again, thank you to you and the young people that you work with for this amazing resource"!
Kerrie Jarvis, Sexual Exploitation Project Worker, Checkpoint - The Children's Society, Devon

"I wanted to feedback that it’s an excellent resource and the boys really respond well to it. We have used it in mixed groups of boys & girls and the girls have also responded well to it. It’s great for generating discussions and undertaking some of the activities around it afterwards.We plan to continue to use it in further schools groups as well as 1:1 work".
Sarah Brown – CSP NSPCC, Nottingham Service Centre

“I did some CSE training yesterday to 50 staff at an inclusion unit.  They really found Ryan’s Story helpful and are considering using it in school with their young people. The films are a really great resource. . .  As a follow up to the initial part of the presentation part about indicators etc. it really brings this alive for the group.  They engaged so well after seeing it and gave examples of young people they are working with that they will be more curious about and look beyond the presenting behaviour.”
Margaret, Team Manager/Social Worker, Barnardo’s Safer Futures Oxfordshire, Kingfisher Team 

What is it?
This resource highlights some of the myths and gender stereotypes associated with the grooming and sexual exploitation of boys and young men. The resource tells the story of Connor who is groomed by Mark (from our professional resource ‘Same Risk Different Gender.’)

How Much is it?
The resource costs £80 and includes a USB stick containing the film and also comes with an A5 hard copy of guidance for professionals.

How do I get it?
Complete the order form on this section of the website.

What is it?
This resource is designed for use with children aged 9-11 in primary schools and aims to highlight the warning signs of grooming in an age appropriate way. The film is seen through the eyes if Charlie who is groomed by Danny. The resource was designed in consultation with CSE professionals, primary schools teachers and children in years 5 and 6 in primary schools. The resource is accessible to girls AND boys with the viewer never discovering Charlie's gender.

How Much is it?
The resource is free to download from this website and comes with:

Please click the links to download the resources.

A digital copy of the resource is available on a USB stick for £30.

How do I get it?
Download for free from our YouTube channel or complete the order form on this section of the website for a digital copy of the above resources via a USB stick.

You can also view the 'Alright Charlie' film below

Please click here to be taken to a video that highlights what children, teachers and parents think of the resource.

Please click here to view a letter from Derby Safeguarding Children Board that highlights the impact of the resource, including how it empowered two children to make a disclosure resulting in a repeat child sex offender being sent back to prison.  

"The resource was very good and it opened the eyes of the children."
King James School, Knaresborough

"We would use your “Alright Charlie” resources and endorse them through Blackpool Safeguarding Children Board. We have been searching for an appropriate resource to use with Primary age pupils and pupils in year 7 and year 8 at Secondary school and we believe that they are ideal."
Paul Turner, School Safeguarding Advisor, Blackpool Safeguarding Children Board

"We work with younger children regarding CSE and have found the ‘Alright Charlie’ resource really beneficial.  This resource is fantastic and is so easy to use and for children to understand. On completing the ‘Alright Charlie’ resource with them these children are able to communicate the importance of internet safety and unsafe adults. We have also used your resources to help staff understand the signs of CSE with males (Same Risk Different Gender). We find all the resources and your website really helpful, have used this within 1-1 work with young people and our group CSE sessions. Thanks for being so great!"
Amy Cadman, Support Service based in Worcestershire

Please click here for an order form to order the above resources.

Please ensure all sections of the form have been read and are completed in full.

BLAST Resources to Use with Boys and Young Men (For Free)

What is it?
A document highlighting healthy and unhealthy relationships addressing the negative aspects of having an older boyfriend/girlfriend and the benefits of having a boyfriend/girlfriend nearer your own age.

How Much is it?
Free to print from this website.

How do I get it?
Please click here to view this resource.

BLAST Resources for Professionals

These resources aim to encourage professionals to make judgements and decisons based on risk indicators, not gender, and to make professional's practice more inclusive and accessible to boys and young men.

A 30 minute video highlighting the grooming and sexual exploitation of boys and young men. This resource is aimed at professionals and encouraging them to make their practice more inclusive of, and more accessible to boys and young men.

This resource also encourages professionals to make judgements and decisions based on risk indicators and warning signs, NOT gender.

Please read this part before watching the video
Please note that this video contains inappropriate responses made by professionals that have been made previously in real meetings about real boys and young men.

The BLAST Project acknowledges that not all professionals respond in this way, but some have and some do. This resource is aimed at professionals.

Please click here to view the video.

A guide for professionals working with boys and young men who are being, or are at risk of being sexually exploited.

To view the guide please click here.

If you would like hard copies of this resource to be posted to you please contact us.

This activity aims to encourage professionals to think about the reasons they refer young people to CSE Services, and how much importance they place on gender.

If you read the scenarios and decide that you would refer the young person if it was a girl, but not if it was a boy, ask yourself why.

It is not being male or female that makes a young person vulnerable; it's the risk indicators and warning signs that they display along with other circumstances.

Please click here for the scenarios.

How to use the scenarios
1. Split professionals into two groups.
2. Give one group of professionals the 'boys' case studies and give the other group the 'girls' case studies. Tell both groups that they have the same case studies.
3. Ask each group to score, out of ten, how at risk they think the young person is (0 = no risk, 10 = high risk).
4. Give each group 20 minutes to discuss the scenarios
5. Ask each group to say what score they have given each case study but make sure they don't name the young perosn in the case study.
6. Write down the score on some flipchart paper.
7. When you have written down the scores explain that one group had case studies where the victims were male, and the other group had case studies where the victim was female.
8. Address any potential differences in scores and discuss each group's response to the scenarios. You can then explain that one group has female case studies and the other group had male case studies. You can then highlight that professionals should make judgements and decisions based on risk indicators NOT gender.

You can then explain what really happened to each young man. Please see below.

Adam - What happened?
Adam became mates with some of the men that he and his mate Declan met down the park. The men were in their early twenties, had alcohol with them, and gave some to Adam and Declan, and to other young people at the park. Once the young people had drunk a certain amount of alcohol, they would all start playing drinking games which would include being dared to doing sexual things. Adam was dared to have sex with a girl with everyone watching. He did this whilst the men in their early twenties recorded it on their mobile phones whilst laughing and joking.

Ben - What happened?
The man who dropped Ben home was taking Ben to his flat where he and Ben would stay up all night watching porn and smoking weed with other men in their twenties. They would all get drunk and masturbate to porn.

Carl - What happened?
Carl was going to house parties at the weekend and hanging out with the men who were in their late teens and early twenties. These men convinced Carl to get naked with them and masturbate live on webcam. Carl was told he would make some good cash, and that he didn’t have to touch anyone, he just had to let people watch him masturbate and dance naked. Carl did this, and started buying expensive stuff with the money he got.

Damian - What happened?
Damian was hanging out with his friends, and one of them; 19 year old Justin was talking about appearing in court in a few days, saying that he’d probably have to go to prison for a bit. He went on to say that he wouldn’t see his girlfriend for a while which meant he wouldn’t get any sex. Justin then made jokes about Damian being gay, and that this is probably why he has never had a girlfriend. Justin then said he could find a gay guy in prison willing to be used for bit of sex, and that he can practice on Damian before he gets sentenced. Justin then raped Damian whilst his friends helped. Everyone except Damian thought it was fun.

Eric - What happened?
Eric lived with Pete for a couple of years. Eventually Pete locked Eric in a room and forced him to have sex with different men, who paid Pete for organising it.

Freddy - What happened?
Freddy was doing sexual things that he didn’t really want to do, but did them so he could get cash to fund his Heroin addiction. Freddy would chat to people online and arrange to meet them at the train station and promise sexual acts in return for money.

Professionals should make judgements and decisions based on risk indicators - NOT gender.

Funded by the Department for Education, this two year project saw the BLAST Project work in collaboration with existing CSE projects to develop practice and services ensuring they were inclusive of, and accessible to, boys and young men.

The project also aimed to increase male referrals nationally and to better equip professionals to respond to and work with male grooming and sexual exploitation.

The final findings with further details will be available in 2016.

To view the Summary of Initial Findings please click here

Six short scenarios highlighting that you do not need to know gender to assess risk of CSE.

These scenarios can be used with professionals to address perceptions around gender and to highlight that you do not know the gender of the child in the scenarios below and that you do not need to know the gender to assess the risk of CSE.

Please click here for the six scenarios.
Please click on the links below for different versions of the scenarios:

Other Resources

About Basis
Basis Training and Education is connected to Leeds based charitable projects; Genesis and Isis. We also partner with the BLAST project to strengthen our response to Child Sexual Exploitation across the UK.

Established in 2012 with funding from Comic Relief, Basis Training is now a national, Community Interest Company who has worked with some of the UK's leading organisations. These include; BBC Children in Need, Leeds University and Direct Care. To date we've trained over 4000 professionals.

The BLAST Project and Basis have enjoyed a healthy partnership for a number of years.

Sick Party
In 2013 Basis Training launched our Sick Party DVD and resource. Aimed at professionals and young people 11+ this DVD is a 15 minute drama based on real life stories. Created with the Producer and Director of Hollyoaks; Eddy Marshall our cutting edge film looks at the current picture of Child Sexual Exploitation; the party lifestyle model.

Check out the trailer for it here

You can also find videos on our YouTube channel

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