HIV & STI testing

Our HIV & STI testing sessions in Wakefield


We are now offering face to face HIV/STI testing. Here's what to expect when booking and attending your test: 

  • All tests must be booked online
  • A pre-test discussion will be held over the phone before you are invited to the office. 
  • Please wear a face covering when entering our buildings (we can provide these for you if you haven't got one). 
  • Please arrive to your appointment on time and do not bring others into the building. There will be no waiting rooms available. 
  • Any other 121/group support will continue over the phone/online. 

We are still offering 1-2-1 support over the phone. To access this, please contact:

Pat- 07710 099 030,

Mark- 07955 005 113,

If you are over 16 and live in Wakefield, provide different tests depending on risk. HIV and Syphilis testing is available via this service.

You can book HIV tests appointments online and the majority of appointments are in our Wakefield city centre venue at 12 Cheapside, Wakefield, WF1 2SD. We offer a range of services at this location so booking ahead would be best to avoid disappointment. Please note our testing services have changed but are still free, fast and confidential.

All testing sessions will offer HIV, Syphilis, Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea testing.

If you cannot see a day or time that suits you via our online booking system, please email or call us on 01924 211 116.


Our rapid HIV test can tell you what your HIV status was 12 weeks ago and the results are back in one minute. It can tell you if you had HIV 22 days ago however it is strongly recommended to test after 12 weeks to be absolutely certain. The HIV test at the Sexual Health Clinic can tell you what your HIV status was 4 weeks ago with results typically back in a week. All 'reactive/positive' HIV tests need to be double checked if it finds HIV as on very rare occasions, there can be a false positive...if you test after 12 weeks and no HIV is found that is a true negative result.

We now offer Syphilis rapid testing which will tell you if you had Syphilis 12 weeks ago with results back in one minute. We recommend you testing even if you used a condom as Syphilis can be transmitted even with protection.

Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea screening; pee-in-a-pot for urine sample to check the penis and self-taken swabs for the vagina, rectum/bum and the throat. This will tell you if you had Chlamydia or Gonorrhoea two weeks ago and the results come back within 14 days by text.

Any gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men, and Black African men and women, 16 years and over can order a HIV sampling kit online and have it delivered to your address in England. With the kit, you take a simple finger prick blood test and send it back to a laboratory for results and a referral to local confidential clinical and support services should this be required. Please check to see if you live in one of the 90+ local authorities where this service is now available.

The tests are provided by Test.HIV and can be ordered online from

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