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The Begin Project provides support and advocacy for people living with or affected by HIV in the Wakefield District.

We have developed programmes to provide the support to increase your skills and confidence in managing your health.

Positive Self-Management is the ability of patients, to manage the symptoms, treatment, lifestyle behaviour changes, and the many physical and psycho-social challenges that are a part of living with chronic illness, along with their healthcare providers.

The Positive Self-Management (PSM) sessions offer practical advice on living with HIV day to day, tackling subjects such as starting medication, managing depression, disclosure, exercise and nutrition, relaxation techniques and communication skills. All of this takes place in a friendly, group environment where people share stories and advice. The PSM will help you – and those around you – live well with HIV.

If you are living with HIV you will often be called upon to manage the many factors that contribute to your health. This means that you would benefit from managing your own health.

We have developed programmes to provide the support to increase your skills and confidence in managing your health. This includes regular assessment of progress and problems, goal setting, and problem-solving support. Self-management support sessions are expected to reduce costly health crises and improve your overall health.

Some sessions will have input from other agencies such as the Well Women Centre, Turning Point, Wakefield District Housing, the Healthy Eating team, Stop Smoking team, the counselling service and some faith groups.

We offer a formula milk scheme for HIV positive parents in the Wakefield District. This is a simple and yet extremely effective way of reducing some of the emotional and financial difficulties that HIV positive parents can face at this time.

You can be referred to the scheme if you are

  • HIV positive
  • Pregnant or have a child under the age of one year old

The scheme offers HIV positive women:

  • Sterilising equipment and bottles
  • Up to four tins of formula milk per month from the child’s birth until the child’s first birthday

You can refer yourself to the scheme or be referred by other professionals working with you. If you would like more information about this scheme or would like to make a referral please contact us.