Total GBT+ Mens Health

Welcome to the Total GBT+ Men's Health project, an initiative by Yorkshire MESMAC. This project has been funded for the next 3 years and aims to get more young gay, bi and trans people into sport and physical activity.

This is a dual aspect project; firstly aiming to identify young gay, bi and trans men, aged between 16-20 that may need help with self-esteem, body image and anxiety. A series of workshops will be delivered to address key issues and build self-esteem and motivation among participants, hopefully breaking down internal barriers to accessing sports and physical activities. 

The second aspect of the project is working with sports clubs, associations, gyms etc. to help identify and address external barriers GBT+ people face when accessing these spaces. We aim to work with partners across different sports to develop a ‘sports buddies’ programme. 

The aim of a Buddy will be to support an individual into a sport and identify good practice and learning to share with others. Gay, bi and trans men suffer with a high prevalence rate of mental health issues and report facing many barriers to accessing sport and physical activity. As we know, taking part in physical activity can have a wealth of benefits for an individual with mental health problems so we aim to reduce barriers people face to increase inclusion. 

Some of the barriers GBT+ people report facing that lead to them feeling excluded from sports, include; a lack of awareness of their needs, changing room access, stigma, bullying and restrictions for those undertaking hormone replacement therapy, to name a few.

LGBT+ Sports Inclusion - Buddy Course (Yorkshire MESMAC Leeds), June 22nd from 12-4pm. Find out more here.

All upcoming courses can be found here: 

We currently have a course for GBT+ men from 16-20 on Self Esteem and Assertiveness, follow the link for more information.

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Getting Involved

We would like to work with you and discuss how you can make your sport, team and organisation more inclusive and attractive to GBT+ men. This would involve working with us to identify good practice already taking place, and people who would like to take a lead on this work. The first step to getting involved is getting in touch with our team, we look forward to hearing from you!


Ali: / 07710 099027

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