Integrating Care for Trans Adults Project

The Integrating Care for Trans Adults (ICTA) project aims to improve NHS health care for trans (including non-binary) adults.

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This National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) funded study aims to improve health care for trans adults in the NHS. Specifically the project will provide information on how to develop effective models for the health services needed to support trans adults before, during and after they are seen by NHS-commissioned specialist gender identity services. The focus is on effective integration of care – or how to make health care more ‘joined up’.

The research team consists of a unique collaboration of health services researchers, research psychologists and specialists in sexuality, gender and health with specialist clinical providers and third sector organisations. The project will involve an active role for a group of trans service users as well as third sector organisations that work with various trans communities. The research will employ principles and practices of co-production. 

Many of the core research team are trans. The entire team recognises and believes in the importance of the statement ‘nothing about us without us’. Our cis team members are also personally motivated – not by career progression, but by doing something we all care about.

We have a specific remit to change things. This project has been funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), on the basis that our work ultimately improves the integration of healthcare services. We are not asking anyone anything to satisfy a vague curiosity, but to give targeted, evidence-based recommendations, and build effective and specific e-learning resources.  That is, we have a specific responsibility to trans (including non-binary) people, through what we ultimately need to do.

We believe in giving back to trans people wherever we can. Trans communities are often woefully underfunded, so we recognise our responsibility to give back financially to trans and gender diverse individuals, groups, and businesses wherever possible. We intend to do our part to challenge structural disadvantages for trans people while we do our work. This penetrates every level of project planning and activity. Whether it’s paying participants for their time, hiring trans people (not only to do research but for other aspects of the project like creative design), creating outputs and resources in collaboration with trans organisations, or ensuring it’s an LGBT+ café that provides our catering at an event. 

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