Suicide and Self-harm prevention Tips and ideas to prevent negative thoughts

Please note: we are not a crisis service. If you, or someone you know, are in crisis, please call an ambulance or the First Response team. These are tips for prevention, we hope they help.

The Cellar Trust - Haven is a non-clinical space to go during the day when you're in crisis. They also offer other ongoing mental health support services

Mind Sanctuary - The Sanctuary is a non-clinical space you can access at night time if you are in mental distress. They also offer other, ongoing mental health support services

My Wellbeing College - the Wellbeing College offer a range of guidance on issues such as stress, anxiety and poor sleep. Courses and 121 support can be offered.

We have been working with gay, bi, and any other man who has sex with men for 30 years and we understand that mental health affects us all. Here are ideas that our services users have told us over the years, work for them. We hope they help you is you need them. 

  • Talking: we can never emphasise enough the importance of talking about our worries. If you have worries about your sexuality, gender, the sex you have/want, or your sexual health, talk to us. We feel lighter when we share our worries, and we are here to listen to you if you need us

  • Sleep: When we're stressed or anxious, it can be hard to sleep, but we know that when we sleep, we often wake up feeling more in control of our lives. Even if you struggle to sleep, trying to, being in bed, closing your eyes and practicing breathing techniques can help us on our way.

  • Meditation and relaxation: We hear all the time how meditation can help us calm our thoughts, here are some resources that might help you understand how to practice meditation in a way that works for you. 

  • Positive affirmations: We can get used to repeating negative thoughts to ourselves, and if we don't balance those out with positive thoughts, then it's understandable that we feel down. Here are some resources on how we can add positive affirmations into our lives easily to help brighten your day. 

We created a website full of resources aimed at people living with HIV to improve their mental health, and we hope that you can use the website and resources to help your negative thoughts. You can find it here