Sage Social Events, Volunteering, and Training

Sage offers social events for Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans or Questioning people aged 50 and over in Leeds, volunteering opportunities for those of all ages, and Older LGBT Training for organisations. Please read all the information on this page. Sage will be delighted to help (use buttons below) if your question is not answered.

How can I get involved?

There's lot's of ways to get involved with Sage. Click here to see them. Then download the postal request bundle, or complete the penpal/home visit request form at the very bottom of this page.

Sage socials take place on the first Thursday and the third Saturday of every month, from 12.30pm until 4pm, at Yorkshire MESMAC main meeting room, Blayd's Yard, Leeds. 

If you'd like a PenPal or Home Visit then fill out this form:

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Volunteers of all ages are welcomed to:

  • Buddy older LGBT people to support them to engage with the project and build confidence.
  • Promote the Sage project.

Volunteers over fifty years old are also invited to:

  • Joining the Advisory Group to shape the direction of the project.
  • Becoming a Community Speaker to inform interested organisations about the Sage project from the perspective of a member of the older LGBT community.

Just sign up for a volunteer induction here

Contact Sage by using the email or telephone contact buttons at the top of this page. Or write to us at Sage, Yorkshire MESMAC, 22-23 Blayd's Yard, Leeds, LS1 4AD.