HIV & STI testing

In Leeds we offer free, fast and confidential HIV tests, as well as Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea tests. Our tests are aimed at gay, bisexual and men who have sex with men, trans and non-binary people.

Testing services

Our services include:

  • HIV tests which are accurate at 12 weeks and the results will come back in 5 minutes
  • Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea 3 site self sampling tests accurate at 2 weeks
  • Nurse led sessions for full screenings, please see office drop ins for more information

    Every Tuesday & Thursday from 6pm with LAST ENTRY at 7:30pm 

    First Saturday of the month 12pm-2pm

    We also host nurse-led clinics on the first, third & fourth Tuesday of every month at the slightly altered time of 5pm-7pm. They are run by a nurse from the sexual health clinic, and you will be able to test for HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, etc and get free Hepatitis B vaccinations if you're at high risk of this. 

    These are held at our Leeds office - 22/23 Blayds Yard LS1 4AD.

    Please note, these sessions are first come, first served. It is possible that you will be turned away if the nurse is too busy. 

    It is highly recommend to get there at the start of the testing session at 5pm & be prepared to wait. If you turn up after 5.45/6pm-ish, it is likely that you will be turned away if all the “nurse-slots” are full. 

    PLEASE NOTE!: If the nurse is too busy or it is after 7pm, the patient will still be able to see a MESMAC member of staff for instant HIV testing, chlamydia & gonorrhoea screening & advice until last entry at 7.30. 

    Here we offer free, rapid HIV tests with results back in 5-10 minutes and Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea pee in a pot tests within the sauna itself. 

    We are also able to offer full STI screening with a nurse from LeedsSexualHealth every other Wednesday. You will be able to test for HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, etc and get free Hepatitis B vaccinations so you can protect your liver from Hepatitis B (essential if you engage in fisting or rimming).

    Please see below for the next few Base Leeds HIV Testing drop-in dates and times:


    Wednesday 10th July 3-6pm
    Wednesday 12th July (Nurse-led) 3-6pm
    Wednesday 17th July 3:30-6pm 
    Wednesday 24th July (Nurse-led) 3-6pm
    Wednesday 31st July 3-6pm


    Wednesday 7th August 3-6pm
    Wednesday 14th August 3-6pm
    Wednesday 21st August 3-6pm
    Wednesday 28th August 3-6pm

    We occasionally offer testing in Steam sauna, these are for HIV, Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea. Please contact us for more information.


    On the 3rd Monday of the month we are offer a clinic for trans and non-binary people over the age of 18. This will provide full sexual health screenings, as well as offering smear tests for people with a cervix.

    This is done with a fully trained nurse from Leeds Sexual Health who our Gender Outreach Workers have worked very closely with to ensure a safe and comfortable environment:

    - Access to free condoms & lube. 

    - Fast track access to sexual health services for sex-working people. 

    - Free, fast & confidential HIV testing + full non-gendered chlamydia + gonorrhoea screening. 

    - Not linked to medical records. 

    - Identify how you wish. 

    - Gender neutral bathroom facilities. 

    The clinic will run from 4-6:30pm and is followed by the over 25 trans and non-binary support group. 

    Please contact

    We have teamed up with TransLeeds to launch a safe and confidential testing space for Trans communities alongside a community social space run by TransLeeds (Leeds Trans support group). These run every 3rd Thursday of the month from 6-7:30pm.

    -Access to free condoms & lube. 

    -Fast track access to sexual health services for sex-working people. 

    -Free, fast & confidential HIV testing + full non-gendered chlamydia + gonorrhoea screening. 

    -Not linked to medical records. 

    -Identify how you wish. 

    -Gender neutral bathroom facilities. 

    You can attend the social space, sexual health drop in, or both as you wish to. To find out more get in touch:


    MESMAC: 01132444209

    Other testing services

    Getting a HIV test in Leeds has never been easier for men who have sex with men. You can now order your testing kit and collect it from Yorkshire MESMAC Leeds offices at a time that best suits you. If you have recently had condom-less anal sex it’s a good idea to get a HIV test – treatments for HIV have never been better and the sooner you know your status the sooner you can take control of your health. To do the test you will need to prick your finger and provide a small sample of your blood in a bottle, you then put this in the post and you will get your results within five working days. You will be notified of your results via text message.

    This test is highly accurate after 4 weeks, 100% after 8 weeks from when you may have come into contact with HIV.

    If you have any more questions you can call Yorkshire MESMAC on 01132 444 209.

    Click here to order an HIV test.

    Any gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men, and Black African men and women, 16 years and over can order a HIV sampling kit online and have it delivered to your address in England. With the kit, you take a simple finger prick blood test and send it back to a laboratory for results and a referral to local confidential clinical and support services should this be required. Please check to see if you live in one of the 90+ local authorities where this service is now available.

    The tests are provided by Test.HIV and can be ordered online from

    If you are not gay, bisexual or man who has sex with men

    If you are not gay, bisexual or a man who has sex with other men this service is not aimed at you but there are lots of other places that you can access HIV testing around Leeds.

    • You can make an appointment for a HIV test with your GP
    • You can make an appointment for a HIV test at the Leeds Sexual Health Service by ringing 0113 392 0333 or booking via their website You can also visit one of their drop-ins which includes a men’s only session on Tuesday evenings from 5:30 to 8 pm (booking is recommended).
    • If you are a member of a black African Community you can access HIV testing via BHA Leeds Skyline - 0113 244 9767 or email:

    Can't make our drop-in sessions?

    Click here to book an appointment (Gay, Bisexual and Men who have sex with Men, Trans and Non-Binary people only)
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