Positively Different
posted by Tom Hunt
on 05th February 2016

Are you: HIV+, and received your diagnosis in the last 5 years, Aged 18-35 AND Living in the UK (in any part of England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland)? If so, the University of Hull would like to invite you to take part in the Positively Different Research Project looking at your experiences of diagnosis and living with HIV

This research will explore what it is like for young people to receive an HIV diagnosis and live with HIV. The research will help to better understand the challenges and difficulties people experience now, as well as the things that help and support them – these may be different to the experiences of people who have lived with HIV for a long time. Information from the research will be used to help people to understand more about the experiences of young people who are living with HIV.

You can take part in the research by completing a confidential online questionnaire, available at https://positivelydifferent2015.wordpress.com/. This includes questions about receiving an HIV diagnosis; how HIV affects your life; the support you have received; and other issues - you are welcome to answer all or just some of these questions. If you prefer, you can be interviewed by a researcher about your experiences. You can find out more about the research, and complete the questionnaire by visiting the Positively Different website. If you wish to contact the researchers or arrange an interview please do get in touch by email (see below).

The research is being carried out by Liz Walker (E.Walker@hull.ac.uk) and Caroline White (C.White@hull.ac.uk) at the University of Hull. They welcome the involvement of all members of the community, and are interested in hearing about people’s experiences, both positive and negative.