Other Resources

From erectile dysfunction to meeting men, we've got the resources to keep you in the know.

Information about erectile dysfunction and counterfeit drugs.

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Whatever your sexuality, getting on with life can often mean coming to terms with a range of issues that getting older can bring.

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If you're a man who fancies other men it can often be difficult to meet men, particularly if you live in rural areas with few pubs and clubs. Even in areas that have a scene it may still be difficult. So what else is there?

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Click the links below to download these resources on sexual health for men who have sex with men.

Below the Belt- A gay men's guide to cocks and balls.

Ready for Action- How HIV is passed on during sex between men.

The Bottom Line- All you'll ever need to know about your arse and his.

The Manual- A gay men’s guide to sexually transmitted infections and clinics.