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Thank you to everyone who took part in the Yorkshire CSE Conference 2017! Please scroll down to see feedback and quotes. 

Since 2010 the BLAST Project has hosted the annual Yorkshire Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Conference. The conference aims to:
* Raise awareness of the grooming and sexual exploitation of children and young people
* Share, encourage and impact on good practice
* Tackle CSE across Yorkshire and nationally 

Feedback from the 2017 Yorkshire CSE Conference highlighted that 94% of professionals felt that attending the conference would have a positive impact on their practice and went on to give examples of how. Scroll below for quotes.

Feedback from the 2016 Yorkshire CSE Conference highlighted that 98% of professionals felt that attending the conference would have a positive impact on their practice and went on to give examples of how.

Feedback from the 2015 Yorkshire CSE Conference highlighted that 93% of professionals felt that attending the conference would have a positive impact on their practice and went on to give examples of how.

Professional Feedback

“A very well structured day, very informative. It has raised my awareness.”
Mary Bailie, Volunteer Co-ordinator, PACE

Excellent venue, good catering, good networking, excellent workshops and speakers. Good day all round. Very enjoyable and educating.”
Gillian Gaunt, Caseworker, St Giles Trust

“A brilliant day. Really helpful. Everybody working with young people and families should attend.”
Rich Grindley, CSE Caseworker, Catch22

“I have driven & instigated CSE training within my foster care agency employer for foster carers and staff as it was previously not a focus! And also to my NHS colleagues! This drive and passion has come from attending numerous BASIS and BLAST sessions – these agencies have inspired me to drive awareness and adopt young person friendly approaches to talking about it As part of my holistic health assessments I now feel more comfortable and confident in approaching subject of healthy/unhealthy relationships and what is appropriate behaviour of young persons & others towards them!”
Cath Sobolewski, School Nurse, NHS Leeds Community Healthcare and Nurse Advisor SWIIS Foster Care

“Brilliantly organised, kept exceptionally well to time but those who left early completely missed out.”
Nicky Poprikova, Community Resource Worker, Adoption Support Team

“Brilliant day with really inspirational speakers, fantastic workshops and great food!”
Stacey Maher, Family Support Worker, Gateway Children’s Centre

“Fantastic – will recommend to all my colleagues.”
Laura Blackburn, Substance Misuse Worker, The Base – CRI

“Excellent – really enjoyed the day. Great venue, food and planning, content very relevant.”
Hazel Shaw, S. Worker Trainer, Staffordshire County Council

"Overall a really useful and well organised day."
Judith Green, Outreach/Health Promotion Lead, Nottingham University Hospital Trust

"Speakers and workers gave different perspectives. Fab day!"
Michaela Hill, Educaton Welfare Officer, Stoke-on-Trent City Council

"Fantastic day. I would have loved less time for lunch and more time for workshops."
Adele Holmes, Public Health Facilitator. South West Yorkshire Foundation Trust, NHS

"Brlliant to have a young person's perspective. It was an excellent day."
Jenny Robetsa, Safeguarding Nurse, CMFT, NHS Trust


“Some really good ideas on working with young people; will challenge some professional practice I have seen in the past.”

“Will think about…how young people see risk differently to how I do.”

“Challenge incorrect gender assumptions.”

“The conference has informed my thinking for commissioning services.”

“Demand excellence in practice –strategically let’s not be complacent.”

“I feel any questions I had about CSE have been answered and will think about different ways of engaging with young people.”

“It’s ok to challenge other professionals.”

“I will be more likely to refer into CSE agencies as I have more awareness of them and what they do.”

“I will ensure I assess risk of young people not gender.”

The BLAST Project provides the specialist 'Not Just Our Daughters' course which is the country's leading and most recognised male CSE training. 

The training is facilitated by BLAST Project staff who have significant experience of supporting boys and young men who have been, are being, or are at risk of being, sexually exploited.

The training also meets the minimum standards for single agency safeguarding training highlighted by Leeds Safeguarding Children Board.

When is it?
- Thursday 15th June 2017- Leeds
- Wednesday 13th September 2017 - Leeds
- Tuesday 6th October 2017 - Bradford
- Thursday 7th December 2017 - Leeds

What time?
9.30am - 4.30pm (please arrive ready to start at 9.30am)

Where is it?
In Central Leeds:
Yorkshire MESMAC, 22/23 Blayds Yard, Leeds, LS1 4AD. The venue is a ten minute walk from Leeds Train Station.

In Central Bradford: 
Bradford City Hall, Norfolk Gardens, Bradford BD1 1UH. The venue is a five minute walk from Bradford Interchange.

How Much is it?
£90 which includes lunch and a certificate of attendance. Attendees must stay for the whole day in order to be issued with a certificate.

The fees for in-house training and other speaker requests can be found on our Booking Form for In-House and Speaker Requests

To improve the identification of boys who have been, are being, or are at risk of being sexually exploited.

What Does the Training Cover?

  • Forms of CSE and how these apply to boys
  • Professional responses to boys compared to girls
  • Gender stereotypes and gender biased practice
  • How gender affects CSE risk assessments
  • Real life stories of boys at risk of CSE
  • Recognising CSE warning signs in boys
  • Societal conditioning of boys
  • Masculinity and sexual orientation 
  • Perpetrator and victim myths
  • Gender and the law
  • Relevant research, policies and procedures
  • Useful organisations and resources

One of the three 15 minute films from The BLAST Project's THINK AGAIN DVD is also shown, along with a supporting activity.

The training can also be delivered in-house. Please see the relevant section below,

Who has Attended Our Training
Professionals from all over the country have attended this training. This includes professionals from large charities such as Barnardo's, The Children's Society and the NSPCC. We have also delivered the training to various statutory professionals including teachers, social workers and the police.

We have also received a large number of requests for the training to be delivered to organisations in-house. This includes a large number of statutory and voluntary sector organisations. We believe this is due to the training being interactive, hard hitting and focusing only on boys and young men.

A number of CSE Projects across the country have attended the training and whilst they say how they are experienced in working with girls and young women involved in CSE, they have little knowledge and experience of working with boys and young men on these issues. This is reflected in the small number of boys and young men that are referred to their services, hence the importance for professionals to attend such specialist training.

Coming Soon

This course will follow on from the national 'Excellence for Boys' pilot which saw male referrals increase from 91 to 249.

The course will look at ensuring CSE services ad individual practice is accessible to and equally inclusive of boys and young men. Services and professionals who take part will complete a process which will assess how their practice is accessible to and equally inclusive of boys and young men.

This will result in services being part of a database of services which meet a set of standards relating to gender equality. Services will also be awarded a certificate and a logo which can be used to highlight they are a male friendly service working equally for boys.

We have already received enquiries from professionals who are interested din attending this course which is likely to result in a waiting list once the course is created.

Please contact us if you would like to be informed of further details.

The BLAST Project is asked by various organisations to appear as guest speakers at various conferences and road shows to deliver presentations highlighting the grooming and sexual exploitation of boys and young men, nationally.

We are also asked to attend conferences and deliver various workshops.

Please click on the 'Booking Form for In-House and Speaker Requests' link for a booking frm containing details of fees.

Please click on the following sections to find the relevant booking forms which contain details regarding our fees:
- Booking Form for Individuals
- Booking Form for In-House and Speaker Requests

"It was by far the best training I've ever had. The subject and agenda are so harrowing that it can be disabling, but the way it was structured and led kept us safe, and was enabling. Your absolute insistence on the agenda was great, but without being precious, and you even made us laugh. Overall you enabled us to address truly awful stuff and not feel threatened, depressed and powerless, that's some achievement. And I wish I'd written that on the form! Because I imagine some professionals will be too scared of the content - like we've had when addressing DV and sexual abuse."
Annalyn Bhanji, MBE, Leeds Theatre in Education

"Excellent training - really opened my eyes. The way it was presented was more real and hard hitting than any other CSE training I have been on."
Julia Lemon, Assistant Head Teacher, Kingsmead School, Derby

"This will definitely chance my practice and challenge my perceptions."
Jo Pannett, Teacher, Kingsmead School, Derby

"It was refreshing to attend a CSE course without the focus being primarily on girls or as males as perpetrators. It is incredible that even in this day and age boys and young men are not seen as victims."
Carl Brady, Think Family Keyworker, West Sussex County Council

"Fantastic training day that furthered by understanding of CSE in general but really made it clear about what we need to be considering as professionals when working with, or being involved with boys and young men."
Rebecca Alexander, Young Person's Violence Adviser, Work Service, West Sussex County Council

"This is the most relevant course I have ever been on and the delivery was excellent."
Alison Head, Detective Constable, Sussex Police

"One of the best courses I've been on in seven years in Merseyside Police.”
Gary Thomason, PCSO, Merseyside Police

“This training was fantastic. I learned so much and will be more aware when I go out and work with young people. Thank you.”
Jennifer Tinsley, Key Worker for Missing from Home, Catch22

"One of the best courses I've been on."
Laura Ware, YP Worker, Engage Team, Children's Services, Blackburn and Darwen Council

"Excellent training. Given so many ideas for ensuring CSE of boys and young men is equally considered and as high profile in the Engage Team and Children's Social Care."
Sarah Walsh, Service Lead, MASH and Engage, Blackburn and Darwen Children's Services

"I will review how we have viewed boys within our service to ensure that we are responding appropriately."
Philippa Horsfall, Senior Practitioner, Duty and Assessment Team/CSE Investigation, Flintshire, Wales

"The training encourages you to think more and as a result I will be advising colleagues to be more aware that boys who present with the triggers may be at risk of CSE."
Natalie Speed, Social Worker, Flintshire SSD

"Excellent training - raised my awareness and understanding. Emphasis on seeing the risk not the gender."
Jayne Rent, Family Support Worker, Safe@Last

"I thought the training was very good and opened my eyes more than I thought. The trainer was very knowledgeable and delivered the training brilliantly."
Stephanie Rogers, Childcare Worker, Keswick

"I was fortunate enough to see / hear your presentation at St Mary's football stadium on Friday 29th January 2016. As a Father of two boys thank you for raising awareness of this subject and thank you for presenting it as a non gender issue. I wish you every success with the project and felt that the presentation was perfectly pitched. Thanks again."
DC James Richardson, Specialist Interview Team, Hampshire Constabulary

"Excellent day. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Thank you."
Jackie Crawford, Sexual Health Nurse, Tamworth GUM clinic

"Emphasised that CSE is not a gender issue - all children of any age are at risk, however, boys are more difficult to engage. I didn't realise how much or the reasons why prior to the training. Excellent trainer, engaged me right from the start right up until the very end."
Stephanie Lowe, Safeguarding Children Matron, Burton Hospital Foundation Trust

"All very interesting! I kept my interest the whole day. Some of the personal input from the facilitator was the most interesting."
Mari Gibbons, Children’s Society Project Worker, Manchester

"I thought all of the session was good and very interesting. Thank you! A really good course."
Fiona Broadfoot, Project Worker, Bradford

"A very safe environment provided by the facilitator enabled the group to be open and to challenge."
Marilyn Haughton , Project Manager, Doncaster

"A very thought provoking day and a useful event for reflective practice."
Adam Petch , Lead Personal Advisor, Wakefield

"I just want to say thank you for putting this training together - it was well thought out, informative and affective and effective - I had to go for a latte afterwards to gather my thoughts because it was so powerful."
Volunteer counsellor at Bradford Counselling Services

"Many thanks for the excellent training which was time and money well invested for me and I took loads away from the day."
Sue Hancock, Counsellor, Wakefield

"Thanks for the brilliant training. It was nice to go on training and learn something new."
Sarah Williamson, Youth Worker, Halifax

"Thoroughly enjoyed the training. It showed not only girls need to be given a vigilant eye."
Paul Dawson, Sexual Health Worker, Barnardo's Futures Leeds

"Reinforced the fact that boys and young men as vulnerable to exploitation, as girls. Excellent course!"
Ceri Orton, Advanced Practitioner, Leeds City Council

"I did not realise how naive I was before the training. I now feel I could recognise it more, and be more aware."
Charlotte Davy, Social Worker, Leeds

"Really opened my eyes, I will be using indicators rather than gender from now on. Excellent course. Would recommend all social care to attend."
Carrie Carter, Deputy Manager Children’s Home, Kirklees Council

"Before coming on this training I would have been more concerned for females. Now I realise it’s just as much a problem for males. This training has really opened my eyes and made me look at CSE differently."
Amy Butterfield, Family Support Worker, Kirklees Council

"This course has made my question my practice in relation to gender stereotypes."
Angela Johnson, Social Worker, Kirklees Council

"This was an excellent course."
Dawn Holt, Child Protection Coordinator, Safeguarding Board

"Very real, hard hitting and helped the way I would assess and signpost."
Lynne Thompson, Social Worker, Bradford Assessment Team

"As a CSE worker this training has given me a far better level of understanding as to what happens with boys."
Jayne Hudson, PSS CSE Placement Support Worker, Bradford

"I think that the delivery of the course was fantastic. Very informative. It was made personal which really hits home. The tasks were excellent."
John Darbyshire, Progress Manager, Cardinal Newman High school, Warrington

"Very good. Makes you think differently."
Lucy Hindmarch, Contracts Manager, The Relationships Centre

"The course was excellent, delivered passionately and should be compulsory for anyone who works with children and young people."
S.Reynolds, Immunisation Nurse, Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership Trust

"Very good training. It should be compulsory for any professionals who have contact with young people".
Julia Swallow, Adolescent Support Worker

"Excellent study day. It should be mandatory for everyone involved with young people particularly boys."
Lisa Bolton, Specialist Nurse for Looked After Children

"Services have been concentrated on GYW for far too long and the BLAST Project is an imperative service and approach to CSE."
Jessica Eaton, Trainer, Safe and Sound Derby/Just Whistle

"I thought the training was absolutely fantastic. One of the best for a very long time."
Jane Mayer, Case Worker, Staffordshire Buddies

"My opinion is that this is the most valid and relevant training I have ever attended. I have seen gender stereotyping in professional situations and believe all those working with young people MUST do this training."
Josephine Roberts, Health Promotions Worker, Staffordshire Buddies

"Absolutely brilliant. The best CSE presentation I have attended".
Chris James, Community Nurse for Children with Learning Disabilities, SWYPNHS Foundation Trust

"One of the best training courses I have ever attended. I wish all training was like this. 10/10."
Mandy Williams, Foster Carer, BMBC

"Brilliant training delivered by a passionate, knowledgeable and skilled professional. Excellent delivery and the range of exercises certainly created and facilitated a lot of debate which was healthy. The content was spot on and as a consequence I will be looking at working with BLAST in the future."
Lynne Milligan, Staffordshire Safeguarding Children Board

"This is the best training I have ever attended. Outstanding delivery and very engaging activities/resources."
Julie Poppleton, Head of IAS, Chase Terrace Technology College

"I was very impressed by the whole day. I attended with a colleague who works with me very closely and we were genuinely surprised at the impact that this had already on our ways of thinking about CSE and boys. Not only that, it has also started us on applying the same basic thought process to other areas of our work in more general terms. Warmest thanks to all those involved in making the day so valuable and making it genuinely thought provoking."
Phil Smale, Safeguarding Coordinator, Plymouth

"The training was the most valuable course staff had ever been on. As our case load is predominantly young males I really wanted them to attend and although we don't have a training budget I knew this would be a worthwhile investment. Staff said it was a real eye-opener that made them think and will very much influence their future thinking; so, job well done and thank you very much! They were very keen that I let you know the impact that you and the course had on them."
Mary Calvert, Your Sporting Chance

"I have not attended a better training session."
Eddy Freeman, N/C YOT

"Excellent training session. This informed my knowledge and will change the way we work with staff."
John Gray, Gateshead College

"I will look at cases without gender being related to the case. I will also encourage my team to do the same."
Jan Battie, Lead Social Worker, Leeds

"I would just like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you for coming down to Birkenhead to deliver the training to us. The training was fabulous, hard hitting and straight to the point. In fact the people who were on the training have not stopped talking about it! This tells me that they will take what they have learnt and hopefully do something about it, I know I certainly will."
Vikki McKenna, Missing From Home & CSE Coordinator Wirral & Sefton, Catch22, Moreton

"After attending this training I got the knowledge around early warning signs and symptoms of potential grooming that I previously didn’t think were linked to CSE. Because I had my concerns and I used the knowledge gained on the training I made a referral to BLAST Project. I also found that the staff working for BLAST are very supportive. It turned out that the boy was associating with a convicted child sex offender. I believe that if I hadn’t have attended the training, I might have not considered referring the boy and it would have never been established how much this young person was at risk. Thank you for the support and good work in partnership."
Marta Sitek, Families First Key Worker

"Excellent training course, impactive and informative without being oppressive. Would recommend to my organisation."
Nicola Calvert, Police Officer, North Yorkshire Police

"A wonderful insight into the work of BLAST and how we need to be more proactive looking into the risks faced by boys."
Kirk Fletcher, Police Sergeant, North Yorkshire Police

“Fantastic training. Very engaging and very informative. Learned loads. Glad I came.”
Collette Evans, CSE Social Worker, Child and Assessment Team, Calderdale CSE Hub

“This was a fantastic training session. Such an eye opener. I would recommend this to all those working with children. The trainer kept it real. Very good."
Laurel Grant, Care Offer, Leeds City Council

“Very informed trainer who used real life examples to deliver very powerful training".
Julia Redgrave, Commissioning Officer, Calderdale Council

“Absolutely brilliant and informative training course. The facilitator was excellent and enthusiastic and it made me want to do more to help identify and support boys and young men at risk of sexual exploitation.”
Nicola Bell, Manager, The Rahab Project

"The course has made me re-think how we train police officers around CSE of boys. It needs re-visiting and updating."
Lisa Reynolds, Detective Constable, Learning and Development, West Midlands Police

"I work with young offenders and think about offending and drug dealing before CSE when working with boys. I didn't even appreciate I was doing it. I thought I was so much more inclusive than I have been, I'll be working hard to change that."
Nicola Bravett, Senior Practitioner, Aquarius, Birmingham

“Excellent training. It needs to be delivered to schools, courts and police as these fields are most likely to miss signs.”
Steve Atkinson, PCSO, West Yorkshire Police

"As a direct result of BLAST's training on Tuesday in Bradford a referral has been made. I'm ashamed to say I have made the assumption in the past that boys are just being boys, but this training enabled me to identify an individual that could be at risk. Thanks ! Won't miss the signs again and make that mistake."
Stephanie Tatum-Firth, Engagement Manager, Aspire – igen, Bradford

"I think that so many more professionals need this training to break down strereotypes and incorrect views about CSE."
Liz Bunney, Specialist Nurse, YOT Calderdale, Locala CIC

"Very informative training which has challenged the way I think and made me more aware of making assumptions."
Rachel Shortall, Family Support Worker, Early Help

"Brilliant training course, very relevant to my role. Fantastic examples and kept lively and informative. Would recommend the course to others. Thank you."
Gemma Shelton, Social Worker, Evolve Team, Rotherham

"Very thought provoking day which has significantly changed my thought process and prejudices."
Sharon Boore, YOS Worker, Northants YOS

“Fantastic training course which clearly shows how the gender inequality of boys and CSE needs addressing. Thank you!” 
Stacey, CSE Intensive Support Worker, Hand in Hand Keighley

“Excellent as always. I learn something new every time with
Ady, ISVA, Victim Support

“A powerful day – thank you.” 
Kerry, Targeted Services Officer, Inner East Cluster

"Really engaging course that really challenges gender inequality in working with CSE risk. It has given me a lot to think about and reflect on my own practice to ensure I am safeguarding all the young people I work with from CSE."’ 
Sam Rennison, MST, Leeds

"Fantastic. So interesting and very informative." 
E. Robinson, Family Intervention Service, Leeds

"So much information, so much more aware, thoroughly enjoyed today." 
Vanessa Baldwin, Armley Cluster

"This is  really good course and is very informative. Anyone working with children should have access to it." 
Angela Pepper, Children’s Services

"I write to say a huge thank you for speaking at yesterday’s conference. I am a police officer who works with young people and as I heard you speak every word struck home with me about a young male I have been supporting in regards to his vulnerability, deteriorating behaviour and risk taking conduct. Only during the talk did I reflect on the potentiality he is being groomed by men for sex. This has led to conversations which have begun to reveal much more information and we are now putting together a far better wrap around support service for him. I have already spoken to a BLAST worker today who’s given me invaluable advice and support. We will be making a BLAST referral this afternoon. Thank you again for helping me challenge my own unconscious biases. I will am already better a far better Safeguarding Officer thanks to you."
PC 6210 Matthew Guy, Higher Education Police Officer for the University of Leeds, West Yorkshire Police

"I found this training very interesting. It has made me think differently about gender stereotypes and how I will be much more aware that boys can be equally as at risk as girls."
Hannah Bettany, Youth Worker, IYSS

"This course was very hard hitting and frank about CSE for boys and left a lasting impact."
Joanna Hofstetter, Family Support Worker, Kirklees

"It was a very useful and good course. I learnt new signs of grooming and exploitation. It is good for carers who look after teenage girls and boys."
Seema Awan, Foster Carer, Kirklees

"This course was very informative, very well delivered, kept us all interested and made me think about my practice. I will certainly be challenging others if necessary in the future."
Lynn Dransfield, CSE Social Worker

"I think this is one of the best training events. I was kept interested all the way through today and I feel more confident at challenging other professionals when I feel there are concerns regarding CSE and boys."
Steph Dewhurst, Substance Use Project Worker

"Training was absolutely fantastic. Very knowledgeable, eye opening. Would recommend the training."
Stacey Jepps, Education Inclusion Officer

"Found the trainer very engaging, honest and approachable. Lots of knowledge delivered in a dynamic way."
Helen Green, Residential Worker

"You are a fabulous advocate for CSE training. I wish you were around when I was a child to support people to help me. Thank you."
Anna Quinn, Care Officer

“Hard hitting – emotive – high impact training. Will definitely change practice and influence and challenge attitudes. Nearly resorted to tears. Excellent!”
Kate Buckley, DISC – Substance Misuses

“Very honest, inspiring, factual. Portrays education around a hidden problem. I had no idea that in 2017 such a reaction would occur to such an honest approach for help. I feel fortunate to have attended this training and will remain very aware of all the issues raised.”
Dana Gibson, Calderdale Recovery Steps

“Absolutely fantastic training highlighting grooming in boys is as important, but not recognised. Very powerful day but loved it and thought Phil was amazing at delivering."
Annette Turner, QBA Care

"Excellent session. The day really challenged perception of boys and their gender stereotypes, this gives me additional skills and language to use when challenging other professionals."
Diane Kinsela, Deputy Designated Nurse for Safeguarding Children

"Very though provoking day. There wasn’t one aspect of the day I didn’t enjoy or benefit from. I will ensure I challenge other professionals I work with."
Tabitha Lavery, Advanced Paediatric Nurse Practioner

"Fantastic training! I’m a social worker and I will be taking back this learning to my team. Highly recommended training! Engaging stories. Thanks."
Francesca Gilbert, Social Worker Derby

"Brilliant delivery of a very difficult subject, thank you Phil, for this very important course."
Kath Lyons, Residential Child Care Worker

"Excellent! This is one of the best training courses I have attended in my professional career. Great delivery, Phil engaged everyone well in this training to challenge thoughts and perceptions."
Stacey Cutler, Social Worker – Derby Children’s Services

"The fact that boys and young men are equally as vulnerable as girls and young females – this organisation highlights and promotes this fact. Absolutely crucial training – should be mandatory."
Julie Samuda, Leaving Care Team, Derby Council

"This training has made me aware of how biased services can be to focusing on gender – ‘female’ – when there is risk, the need to forget gender and see child and act on the warning signs."
Elizabeth Rennock, Sexual Health, Project 3

"Really interesting and relevant training. Has made me consider aspects of my practice, particularly in relation to offending behaviour masking exploitation."
Karen Brown, Integrated Practitioner, Project 3

"I was concerned about today being hard-going, upsetting etc, but Phil has made the day thought provoking in a gentle way. There are a lot of nasty people out there and to have met such a dedicated person as Phil is great!! Keep up your hard work."
Vicky Waddington, MacMillan Nurse, East Lancs Hospital

"Liked that there was lots of dialogue during the presentation and interactive activities. Phil made me feel comfortable asking any questions or clarifying any points I required."
Vicki Bauer, CSE Nurse, Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust

"Phil – I loved the training – I can tell how passionate you are and I could have listened to your views / experience for longer. Thank you so much. This training has definitely increased my knowledge."
Jonie Sellers, Clinical Lead, HDFT

"This was an excellent training day. I am a specialist nurse in child protection with a lot of experience. This training has changed my mind set on risk of CSE in boys. Would be useful for school nurses and teachers."
Claire Wallace, Specialist Nurse, Child Protection HDFT

"Excellent training. Kept my attention from start to finish. Feel like I have learnt a lot and my awareness has been massively raised."
Jessica Harrison, Student Social Worker, Gateshead Referral and Assessment

"Made me more aware of risk factors and signs and considering risk for males. Training delivered really well and there was nothing that I did not like."
Debbie Rule, Lead Nurse for Children Looked After, Northumbria Healthcare

“I have been more aware of the risks to boys/ young men in relation to CSE since the training and have considered CSE as a potential risk at meetings where previously I would have always put the behaviour down to involvement with drugs.”
Kirsty Campbell, KS4/5 Co-Ordinator, Calderdale Virtual School

“What have you done differently as a result of attending the training? I asked BLAST to come to our full service meeting and deliver a presentation to our team (88 staff members) Today we are having safeguarding training and re-writing the safeguarding policy and putting into place a toolkit including BLAST for our team to use. The training made myself and my team more aware of the fact that boys can be affected by this, staff are aware of further training and will book on to the BLAST training as they feel it is needed.”
Fiona Lamb, Early Intervention Key Worker, Specialist Inclusion Teams

“I attended the training last summer. It was a really interesting and informative course with a very enthusiastic and engaging trainer. It really hit home how we can automatically/subconsciously assess risk differently in boys than we do girls (even if we like to think we don’t!) I have a case load of mainly girls and the boys I have are currently not of concern. However I am sure that I will reflect back to this training in the future."
Imogen Hadfield, Key Worker, Children & Young People's Service, Halifax

“Without doubt this was the best training I have ever done. Yes it made me think and yes I approach situations very differently I am a missing person’s officer and we have a much higher proportion of boys going missing and taking risks. In particular one boy who had just turned 16 was boasting about how he was sleeping with a 32 year old women; she was encouraging him to steal and take drugs. The boy himself was extremely vulnerable and had had a very traumatic childhood. My reaction and what I said /did/reported was has a result of my BLAST training.”
Karen Joyce, Missing Person Officer, Family Intervention Team, Halifax

“I used the Blast training to good effect when being trained by the police for volunteering in the night-time economy. Their training was very female oriented so I pointed out the dangers to young men, as per your training. The police agreed to review their training in order to bring out the dangers to boys as well as girls. I will also use the knowledge you gave me, when I am delivering safeguarding training for the Methodist Church; especially when I have Boys Brigade officers and youth workers in the audience. The images and language you used will stay with me for a long time. Thank you"
Tricia Astwood, Staying Well Worker in the Upper Valley

"I have been delivering CSE training to Adur and Worthing Taxi and Private Hire trade, after attending the blast project training / seminar. After the event, I obtained the training package from the Blast project. The DVD on Ryan's story works well with the trade as it is predominately a male audience, it seems to have the right impact. Some comments recorded before training: I do not work with children, I do not carry out any of the school runs, This does not affect me, I do not need to know about these things, I have been doing the job a long time I do not need any training, I do not work nights. Some comments after the training: I did not think I was going to learn anything, I thought it was just a girl thing, I did not realise it could happen at anytime in 24 hours, I had no idea you have really opened my eyes, I know where to report anything that doesn't feel or look right to me. This project has been a huge educational success and having the learning / training material makes it real.
Teresa Bowley, Licensing Officer, Adur & Worthing Councils 

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Please click here for a booking form.

The booking form contains terms and conditions that must be read and agreed to and signed prior to the event taking place.

We will be unable to confirm the event until the appropriate person has signed the booking form to highlight they have read and agreed to the terms and conditions.

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Basis Training and Education is connected to Leeds based charitable projects; Genesis and Isis. We also partner with the BLAST project to strengthen our response to Child Sexual Exploitation across the UK.

Established in 2012 with funding from Comic Relief, Basis Training is now a national, Community Interest Company who has worked with some of the UK's leading organisations. These include; BBC Children in Need, Leeds University and Direct Care. To date we've trained over 4000 professionals.

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Basis Training build's on years of experience working on the front-line with; Child Sexual Exploitation, Adult Sex Work and additional social issues to bring high quality training and education to professionals across the UK.

We have a range of courses on offer which are run in-house or bespoke within your environment. Our courses are accredited by the CPD service and our trainers are not only specialist workers but TAP trained trainers.

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